Grantland is my daddy

It’s Grantland’s world, I’m just living in it. They put out a lot of material on The Bachelor, and if Grantland was a person, he would be my bachelor-blogging idol. These guys work way harder at this than I do, scouring the internet and tabloid websites for tidbits to pass on. I would never have thought to look at or any of those websites.

While I do think they conduct themselves a bit more professionally than I do, that is to be understood, because they are, in fact, professionals. Regardless, I feel obligated to pass on the first part of this article, which has some useful information.

I will say that using The Bachelor to pick up women doesn’t really work like they say it will. I’ve tried it a few times at the bar against my better judgement, and let’s just say there’s a reason why it’s called “my better judgement.”

Anyway, get excited for the finale. I know who wins, but other than that, I have literally no idea what will happen or what new bizarre rules I will learn about. CHECK THE BLOG! RETURN MY PHONE CALLS EMILY!

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